Evacuating vs. Not Evacuating

Posted by Roger Baronat, August 27, 2011, 11:10 am

 Storm Surge

Wow, guys! Hurricane Irene is getting ugly!

Between the tumultuous downpours (over 12 inches in less than 36 hours) and the high winds increasing the storm surge (that mound of water that smashes into things – see below for differences between low lying and high lying areas), it looks like evacuation might be the better choice after all.

Surge - Shallow


Surge - Deep

 If stuff starts ramming into other stuff (even though this is not the same as a twister), some kind of stuff is going to get smashed to bits. Still, what are the odds? Well, do we really want to be calculating odds at this point? Just how daring do we want to be? That is the question (hey, if it was good enough for Will . . .).

Decisions. Decisions, Decisions.

What will you do?


[ Photos: Courtesy of http://blog.drymeout.com/storm-surge-flood-damage-clearwater and http://www.magazine.noaa.gov/stories/mag178.htm ]

Your thoughts?

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