Ragweed vs. Hurricanes

Posted by Roger Baronat, August 24, 2011, 1:03 pm

Hurricane Irene Predicted Path

Now, in addition to ragweed allergies (for those of us who suffer from that particular malady), we have to start worrying about hurricanes.

I know in my last post I said that a hurricane was one solution to my ragweed problem as it would wash away a good portion of the pollen. But I didn’t expect such a quick response from whoever controls the weather (there IS somebody out there controlling the weather, isn’t there?) and who also, and at the same time mind you, happens to be actually listening to anything I say on this blog.

Controlling the weather? Who’s kidding who? Nobody can control the weather. Right?

Maybe it’s just somebody controlling good luck and bad luck. Let’s see, my basement got flooded out just over a week ago, my wife’s 1982 Light Blue Volvo got stolen two days later, my ragweed allergies started kicking in a few days after that, and now I have to contend with a hurricane?

Oh! And let’s not forget about the earthquake that hit this region of the country yesterday. At least, somehow, that one slipped by me. I didn’t feel anything yesterday except that pothole that nearly bounced me out of my other car. Hey! Wait a minute! Could that have been the . . .?

All I can say is “there’s something fishy going on here.” I better watch what I say. I could get clobbered by a boatload of mackerel tomorrow.


[ Photo: Courtesy of www.weather.com ]

Your thoughts?

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