Wine vs. Beer

Posted by Roger Baronat, June 09, 2009, 1:45 pm

Wineglasses  Beer glasses

Wow! Wine vs. Beer? Talk about opening up a can of worms! But let’s not get into a “knock down, drag out” just yet. Lots of people like both, though not at the same time! And certainly not mixed up in the same flagon. Yuk!

So what happens when we sit down at some sort of dining arena ready for a hearty lunch or dinner?  We’ll assume here that neither the wine nor the beer will do with a ham ‘n’ egg breakfast special, right? So lunch or dinner it is, then. But how do we make the decision? Do we reach in our pocket for a large coin and try the George Raft flip? Or is it a mood thing?

Maybe we could slug down a beer before the meal and try the wine during the meal. A good idea, if we’re looking to regurgitate the more solid portions of the meal. So where does that leave us?  [scratch head here]  Hmmm.

How about another approach, then? Beer is served in a large flagon or stein. Ok, we know what a stein is but what the devil is a flagon? Let’s just call it a really large stein. Actually, in medieval times, a flagon was used almost exclusively with wine. But that was then and this is now and a flagon is still larger than a stein. Anyway, these days wine is served in this tiny little tulip-shaped thingy atop an even tinier little glass stem. So what’s the point?

The point is beer is voluminous. Big. Large. Filling. In other words, a whole lot of liquid. A glass of wine doesn’t even get filled up all the way. It just barely makes four or five ounces. Not big. Not large. Not filling. In fewer words, very little liquid. So what does the amount of liquid have to do with the price of beans when we’ve just ordered a nice juicy steak? Well, look at it this way. Do we want numerous, masticated chunks of steer sinew sloshing around in a sea of our stomach juices during our lunch or dinner? Or would we prefer a few sips of a nice acidic juice to help our stomach do its job? (i.e., digestion)

Beer or ale at the local pub with a bowl of pretzels or beer nuts nearby is a horse of a different color. The pretzels and the nut-mash absorb liquid better than a deep-sea sponge. And if we feel, or hear, too much sloshing, we just chomp down on a few more . . . You get the idea.

So the next time a waiter asks you what sort of alcoholic beverage you’d like with your lunch or dinner, no worries! You’ll know what to do. Or will you?



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