Palin vs. Biden

Posted by Roger Baronat, October 01, 2008, 6:14 am

Palin vs. Biden

Will either make a difference? It is important to make a difference. Nothing is 100%. Improvement is always necessary and always around the corner even when things look bright and rosy. And these days things do not look all that bright and rosy, do they?

In terms of their generations, their views, and their philosophies, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden both bring to their respective running mates what those running mates lack. And in a presidential horse race that is still neck-and-neck, the question that remains is whether either will bring enough oomph! to their potential administrations to result in a significant difference in the future of our lives, regardless of who wins the race.

Sarah Palin brings youth, conservatism, and new-style Alaskan politics to the presidential arena. A sort of new-frontierswoman type of politics. Did someone say a female version of Davy Crockett? “Daaveeee, Daaaavy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.” Like Davy, Sarah Palin is a person who can “kick some Washington butt” and get things done. Well, of course! She’s a Mom, after all. And we all know how tough and relentless Moms can be. And caring. And mindful of the needs of others. She provides a good balance to John McCain’s battle-seasoned soldier image. Sarah Palin and John McCain work well together.

On the other hand, her youth brings with it a “lack of experience in the field.” Being a Mom, and a mayor of a town, and a governor of a state apparently do not count as much as being a junior senator from Illinois. Nor is she a graduate of Harvard University. Nor is she a man. Perhaps if she had been a male senator as long as Ted Kennedy or, even better, if she had already been president, like Bill Clinton, then perhaps she would be qualified to be president of the United States. I say “perhaps” because I cannot seem to recall the official list of qualifications an American citizen must have before running for vice-president or president. I keep thinking of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan and their particular list of qualifications. The former was a haberdasher and the latter an actor. Did you know that U.S. scholars consider Truman one of the ten best presidents the United States ever had? Amazing!

And what about Joe Biden? Well, he brings old age, liberalism, and old-style Washington politics to the presidential arena. He has been around Washington, D.C. longer than John McCain. He knows the ropes, perhaps even better than Ted Kennedy. He can advise Barack Obama on foreign policy issues and the “tricks of the trade” in the nation’s capital. Such as the tricks involved in first trying to “bail out” our nation’s economy and, after that failed, now trying to “rescue” it.

And his experience surplus can balance out Barack Obama’s experience deficit in other areas as well. But Joe Biden may not be all that interested in actually changing the type of Washington politics with which he has grown and prospered all these years. This could present a problem for a Democratic administration because this is the same Washington politics that Barack Obama has promised to fix through change. Is it possible Joe Biden and Barack Obama will not work well together? Is it possible they might actually be at odds with each other?

Who can tell? But these are just some of the facts we must consider “long before” the day comes when we cast our votes for the next president of the United States. And “long before” is just about to end. The leaves have already begun to fall in New England.

Perhaps the debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden can give us a clue as to how we should vote this November.



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  1. On May 25th, 2011 at 11:32 pm, Justice said...

    Good point. I hadn’t touhhgt about it quite that way. :)

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